Crestpoint Acquisitions, INC

about us

Crestpoint Acquisitions is a private acquisitions company established to acquire and operate small to medium-sized businesses. We encompass a team of private lenders, private investors, operators and business specialists with a track record in achieving success in helping small businesses grow and become more profitable.

Our Strategic Acquisition focus


  • We like businesses where competitiveness is driven by a desire to be world-class in execution, leading class, leading cost position and sound business strategies.


  • We do not have strick industry requirements, but prefer very traditional businesses with limited technoloy risk.


  • Categories of particular appeal include niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, specialty financial services and business-to-business services with re-accuring cash flows.


Business owner liquidity 

Owner/Operator Exit

We will actively operate the companies
we acquire, thus presenting owners
with options to exit the business rapidly, if so desired.  Or can plan an exit strategy to the individuals needs.
Economics for Owner

Tax considerations, estate planning and the ongoing participation interest of business owners are of extreme importance in all of our transaction structures.
Situation Flexibility

Yet, we are flexible in accommodating an owner's interest and welcome a continued and ongoing support with operations following closing, if desired.

Employee and community continuity

We build on the core company's strengths and market presence, and seek to maintain, enhance and brand the businesses role and standing in the local community.
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