Crestpoint Acquisitions, INC

target industries

Crestpoint Acquisitions has broad interest in small to medium-sized businesses with $1.0 million to $20 million in revenue.  Industries of particular interest include those listed here.  In addition, we are open minded about "Special Situations" which do not fit neatly within these categories.

Broad business Characteristics

  • Business driven by strong brands and owned intellectual property rights        


  • Niche Manufacturing


  • Business Services


  • Value-added Distribution


  • Financial Services


  • Special Situations with local businesses
  • Professional education
  • Information products - newsletter
  • Diretory or database activities
  • Conferences
  • Business with a proprietary product, process, or service offering
  • Commercial service companies with a high volume of repeat transactions
  • Companies where light assembly, fabrication, value-added packaging, customer financing that lead to attractive operating margins
  • Businesses targeting both business and consumer markets
  • Local business, potentially real estate intensive, that can be grown through repetition of a unique business model
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