Crestpoint Acquisitions, INC

acquisition criteria

Crestpoint Acquisitions has an appetite for smaller businesses that posssess unique stragtegic or financial characteristics. Crestpoints goal is to acquire ongoing operations that can be strategically managed and grown at a measured pace. 

company characteristics

  • Established businesses with several years of profitable operating history


  • Leadership position within the industry, target customer segment, or geographic market


  • Stable product, not subject to rapid obsolescence or offshore commodity risk


  • Diverse customer base with high rates of retention

acquisition guidelines
  • Crestpoint pursues change-of-control investments, cashing out (entirely or in part) existing owner-operators or corporate owners.


  • While growth is attractive, Crestpoint prefers stable and consistent sales and earnings to situations with rapid growth, but volatile or less predictable earnings.


  • Employs between 30-150 employees


  • Ideal cash flow scenarios will be recurring based upon long-term costumer commitments


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