Crestpoint Acquisitions, INC
Crestpoint Acquisitions is a private acquisition and buyout firm esthablished to acquire and operate small to medium sized businesses with $1 million to $20 million in revenue.  We seek smaller, esthablished, profitable companies that will thrive with the introduction of additional mangagment resources, energy and talent.

this web site, you can learn more about how we work to develop acquisition strategies and how we implement and execute these strategies.  We also have information on current acquisition criteria and parameters.


Crestpoint Acquisitions seeks businesses that will grow with new capital, fresh prespectives, and a full engagment and participation by our seasoned professionals as the new owner-operators.


Professionalism is our mantra.  We believe in building lasting and productive relationships.  That is a testament to our values and brand equity.


Because we strive for investing with sound business principles, every transaction that we review will have our utmost review and standard of due diligence.  This will enable us to deliver upon all of our transactions that we engage and structure for acquisition.

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